Appe-Wel Syrup

Appe-wel syrup contains silymarin, tricholine citrate, N-Acetylcysteine, L-Ornithine and Selenium dioxide which helps in reforming liver and appetite.

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Appe-Wel Syrup

Brand Name: Appe-Wel Syrup

Manufactured by: Welkine Life Care

Doses form:  Syrup

Presentation: 200 ml

Ingredients & Composition:

Each 5 ml contains
Silymarin                              70 mg
Tricholine Citrate              100 mg
N-Acetylcysteine                2 mg
L-Ornithine                         65 mg
Selenium dioxide             65 mcg

Description: Reforms liver and appetite

Class: Liver Supportive

Indication / Uses:

It is indicated in the case of

  • Liver Cirr9hosis
  • Fatty liver and protein-energy malnutrition
  • Hepatitis (Viral and Others)
  • Drug-induced liver toxicity
  • Anorexia and jaundice

Doses and administration:

0.5 ml per kg body weight once daily or as prescribed by your veterinarian

Overdoses / Side effects / Contraindications /Warnings:

Not known.


Not mentioned by the manufacturer

Pharmaceutical precautions / Instructions:  Store in a cool and dry place. Shake well before use.

Safety: age / Pregnancy/ Withdrawal

Can be used in pups and adult both. During pregnancy and no withdrawal signs.

Habit-forming: No

Substitute: Unomarin SyrupRKleen Syrup, Et Liv Syrup, Hepamust SyrupHerbaTake Pet SyrupLivotas SyrupHemeliv SyrupLiverolin SyrupPetsApp Syrup



Que: Can it be used for cats?
Ans: Not indicated by the manufacturer.

Que: Is it safe for puppies?
Ans: Yes

Que: My pet is not eating well for the last three days can I give this?
Ans: There so many causes of inappetence and anorexia. Avoid self-medication and consult your vet.

Que: Is it herbal?
Ans: No. It’s not a completely herbal product. It contains processed ingredients.


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