Brand Name: Rabisin

Manufactured by: Boehringer - Ingelheim (Merial)

Doses form: Injectable 

Presentation: 1 ml (Single Dose), 10 ml (Multiple Dose Vial - 10 pricks max)

Ingredients and composition: Inactivated and adjuvanted rabies glycoproteins

Description: Rabies Vaccine. Approved for uses in Dogs, Cats, ovines / Sheep / Goat, Cattle, Buffalo, Horses and Ferrets )

Class / Category: Biologicals

Indication: Prophylactic and Post-exposure Vaccination Against Rabies. Rabisin is used for the active immunization to reduce mortality and clinical signs of rabies infection. Immunity has been demonstrated one month after vaccination and has been shown to persist up to next revaccination dose recommended according to the species and guidelines. 

Doses: 1 ml (Irrespective of species/breed or Bodyweight) 

Route of administration: Subcutaneous - Dogs, cats, sheep, Goat, ferrets, cattle and buffalo

                                         Intramuscular: Horses / Equines

Rabies Vaccination Schedule: (Dogs and Cats)

    First Dose: 12 weeks of age

    Booster Dose: After 1 Year of primary vaccination, and at intervals up to 3 years as per national or country standard guidelines. 

Side Effects / Adverse Reactions: May cause hypersensitivity, vaccinoma or fever in some animals. Always consult your vet if you see any adverse reaction. 

Pharmaceutical precautions: Store in a cool place or refrigerator at 2 to 8 degree centigrade temperature. 

Onset of Action: Develops Immunity in One month 

Duration of Action: From one to Three Years

Safety: No information available 

Substitute / Similar Preparations: Rabigen Mono, Defensor, Raksharab, Nobivac Rabies 


Que. What should be the minimum age of dog for rabies vaccination? Ans: 3 months

Que: How often or when should I get my dog/cat vaccinated against rabies? Ans: Depending on the country guidelines it is from one year to 3 years. In endemic countries like India, it is recommended every year. 

Que: Do I need to take a vaccine if my dog/cat is vaccinated and has bitten me? Ans: Depends on the severity and location of the bite. Consult and follow your doctors advise. 

Que: Do I need to get my pet vaccinated if it has been bitten by another pet? Ans: Consult your vet. It depends on the severity and vaccination status of the other pet. Always follow your vet's advise. 

Que: My pet is not well or going through treatment for any disease; can rabies vaccination be done in such a situation? Ans. If your pet is sick or undergoing for any treatment always tell the history of the illness and treatment to your veterinarian before vaccination. 

Que: What is the rabies titer test? When should I go for that?  Ans: Rabies titer test is indicative of antibodies in the pet's blood/serum. It is recommended for some countries if you are relocating there. One month's period after the rabies vaccination is considered ideal to achieve good titer. 

Que: If a healthy pet i.e. dog/cat is overdue for rabies vaccine, how many doses are required? Ans: Single dose. In an already immunized dog/cat which is overdue for rabies vaccine single dose is sufficient. 

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