Brand Name: PETUP Syrup

Manufactured by: SkyEc Pharma

Dosage form: Syrup


200 ml and 500 ml bottle 

Ingredients & Composition:

Each 15ml of PETUP Syrup contains

L-leucine                   18.3mg

L-Isoleucine              5.9mg

L-Lysine HCl            25mg

L-Phenylalanine       5mg

L-Threonine              4.2mg

L-Methionine            9.2mg

L-Tryptophan           5mg

L-Valine                    6.7mg

Thiamine HCl           5.5mg

Riboflavine Sod. Phos         3mg

Pyridoxine     HCl                 1.2mg

Nicotinamide                        25mg

Calcium Pantothenate         5mg

Cyanocobalamin      2.5mg

Folic Acid                  0.8mg

Lycopene                   750mcg

Ascorbic Acid           40mg

Colecalciferol           200 IU

Tocopheryl Acetate             7.5 IU

 Contains Permitted Colour and Flavour

Appropriate overages added to compensate loss on storage

Description / Action: 

PetUp syrup is highly palatable amino acids and multivitamin supplement. It contains 8 essential amino acids and 10 vitamins along with powerful anti-oxidant Lycopene. It helps in the growth and development of puppies. It’s also helpful in gaining normal conditions in weak and sick animals.

Class: Supplement / Multivitamin

Indication / Uses:

PetUp syrup is indicated for

ü  Improves growth & development in pups

ü  Vital in prevention of many diseases

ü  Helps gaining normal conditions in weak and sick animals.

Dosage and administration:

Puppies:         1 – 2 ml daily

Adult Dogs:               5 ml/10 kg body weight daily

Cats:                           2.5ml twice daily

Can be mixed with the food / water or can be given directly. .

Over-dosage / Side effects / Contraindications /Warnings:

Use recommended doses. No contra-indications, side effects or warnings mentioned on product label by manufacturer. 

Pharmaceutical precautions / Instructions: 

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Protect from light. hake well before use.Animal feed supplement. Not for human use.

Safety: Age / Pregnancy/ Withdrawal:

Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. Dosage according to body weight should be followed, safe for pregnant female pets and no withdrawal side effects.

Always follow recommended dose.

Habit forming:  No

Substitute: Multistar PetSyrup

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