Impro-Wel Syrup

Impro-wel syrup is an immunity booster syrup that is indicated to reform immunity and a healthy heart in dogs/puppies and kittens. It improves the overall development and well-being of young pets.

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Impro-Wel Syrup

Brand Name: Impro-Wel Syrup

Manufactured by: Welkine Life Care

Doses form:  Syrup

Presentation: 200 ml

Ingredients & Composition:

Each 5 ml contains

Niacinamide                    15 mg
Magnesium sulphate      2 mg
Vitamin B1               0.5 mg
Vitamin B2                0.5 mg
Vitamin B6                0.5 mg
Methylcobalamin     500 mcg
Folic acid                   0.3 mg
Vitamin A                  500 IU

Description: To Reforms immunity and healthy heart

Class: Immune Booster

Indication / Uses:

It is indicated for

  • The better overall development of puppies/kittens.
  • To keep all vital organs at their proper health.
  • To prevent senile/ geriatric changes.
  • To keep the heart, brain, nerve, muscle, eye, and immune system healthy.

Doses and administration:

0.5 ml per kg body weight once daily or as prescribed by your veterinarian

Overdoses / Side effects / Contraindications /Warnings:

Not described by the manufacturer.


Not mentioned by the manufacturer

Safety: age / Pregnancy/ Withdrawal

Can be used in pups and adult or geriatric pets. Safe during pregnancy and no withdrawal signs or side effects.

Habit-forming: No

Substitute: Immuno +, Immunol



Que: Can it be used for cats?
Ans: Yes. It can be given to cats as well.

Que: Is it safe for puppies?
Ans: Yes

Que: How can I recognize if my pet has weak immunity?
Ans: Falling sick so often or catching infections easily. Early adoptions or buying a puppy less than 7-8 weeks of age may have low immunity.


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