Ketro-Eye Eye Drops

Ketro-Eye Eye Drops


Brand Name: Ketro – Eye Eye Drops

Manufactured by: Welkine Life Care

Doses form: Eye Drops (For dogs and cats)

Presentation: 5 ml

Ingredients & Composition:
Moxifloxacin HCl 0.5 % W/V
Ketorolac Tromethamine 0.5 % W/V
Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 0.02% W/V

Description:  Ketorolac and Moxifloxacin eye drops

Indication / Uses:

Potent antibacterial eye drops

Anti-inflammatory eye drops


Bacterial infections

Doses and administration:

1 Drop in affected eye/eyes, 3 times daily for a minimum 7 days or as per the advice of the veterinarian for bacterial conjunctivitis in adults and should not be prescribed to pets below the age of 1 year.

Overdoses / Side effects / Contraindications /Warnings:

Local irritation

Delayed healing in corneal ulceration


Don’t use with steroidal eye drops

Pharmaceutical precautions / Instructions: 

Store in a cool and dry place

Don’t touch the nozzle or dropper

Discard in case of precipitation


Not recommended for use below 1 year of age both cats and dogs

Don’t use in case of deep corneal ulcers

Don’t use with steroidal eye drops in case of corneal ulceration

Substitute: Ophthocare – KT  Eye Drops,  Hatmox-KT Eye Drops




Que: Can it be used for birds?
Ans. Yes, Consult your vet first before deciding it is needed or not.

Que: Can it be used in cats?
Ans: Yes, It can be used in felines.

Que: Will it help in reducing the eye inflammation of my pet?
Ans: Yes but depends on the cause. Sometimes if KCS (Kerato-Conjunctivitis Sicca) is there then it will need a different type of eye drops to reduce inflammation.



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